Affordable Learning @ SSU

How can you reduce your course material costs?

Did you know?

  • In a survey of 1,000 students, 98% consider course materials too costly… sure, doesn’t everyone?

More specifically...

⇒ 79% report financial hardship as a result of purchasing or renting course materials

⇒ 80% report staying in the course but not purchasing course materials due to cost

We’re all here because we support the CSU’s mission to provide affordable education so, let’s do it!


What are Affordable Materials & How are They Achieved?

A student survey indicates the median cost spent per semester is $300-$400,

  • translating to $25/unit ($75 total for a 3-unit course, $100 for a 4-unit course)
    • Are your course materials “affordable”?  If not,

Affordable materials can be achieved through:

Use of Free Open Education Materials

Working with Bookstore to Reduce the Cost of Materials


How Can you Identify, Adopt, Adapt, & Implement these Materials?

Center for Teaching & Educational Technology Support Programs 

Do It Yourself Guide & Resources


What about Courseware or Instructor Support Materials?

Explore the several ways of helping you find, develop, or adapt support materials to your needs



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