Course Request Form

Canvas courses are created automatically for courses listed on the SSU Schedule of Classes. SSU employees may request an additional type of course on Canvas.
Review the course request options below and use this form to submit a request for a course type that best fits your needs. If your request is approved, the course is created within two (2) business days. Feel free to contact the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology (707) 664-2659, if you need assistance selecting an appropriate course type.


This is the best option for lecture courses where students from multiple lab sections need to access the same lecture materials, assignments, and quizzes.
Request a Metacourse to:
  • combine student enrollments from several courses into one metacourse
  • work efficiently and post-course materials and assignments in the metacourse, where students from all the linked courses (child courses) can access them

Please note: If you are requesting a metacourse with another instructor's course or section, written approval from the instructor of record is required before providing access to the identified course or section. Please contact the instructor of record to obtain written approval and forward the email to Once received, the course or section will be cross-listed and added to your requested Metacourse.

Miscellaneous Course

Miscellaneous courses are for:
  • Course-related degree requirements (e.g., required training, fieldwork, experience programs, and other academic uses not tied to a particular course number/ID)
  • Library-related instruction and training
  • Training courses for employees and students
    • SkillPort may provide a more appropriate avenue for mandated training
Miscellaneous courses are not suited for:
  • Elections or other voting use cases
    • Canvas is not secure enough to meet criteria for anonymous elections as admin access are shared on campus, and reporting tools within the course itself enable a “teacher” to monitor election results
    • SSU provides the Qualtrics survey delivery platform which provides a number of features useful to running elections or other votes (e.g., anonymous responses, reminder emails, etc.)
  • File or Resource Sharing (e.g., committee agendas, meeting minutes, other documents)
    • Many campus committees are required to make records and meeting artifacts available to the public. As such, Canvas is not configured for general public access
    • SSU provides Google Drive to enable secure file sharing

Sandbox Course

Request a Sandbox course to:
  • Get a head start on preparing a course for a future semester/year
  • Explore Canvas without affecting your active course/s with students
    • Note: Sandbox courses should remain hidden and not be actively used with students
Your Contact Information
Type of Course
Metacourse Information
Please include the course number, section, year and term FOR EACH Canvas course that should be a child of the Metacourse. One course per line. Example: BIOL-115-001-18-SP
Please list the first and last name of the official instructor(s) of record for each of the child courses. One per line. Please note: We require written approval from the other instructor(s) of record before providing access to the identified course or section.
Miscellaneous Course Information
Please provide a description of the purpose of the course, who will use the course, and any other information that will help the administrator evaluate this request.
Sandbox Course Information
Sandbox courses include the owner's username, followed by a word or short phrase that helps the owner identify the course.
Please provide relevant information to help the administrator evaluate this request.