Top Hat

Create resilient courses with Top Hat’s comprehensive Active Learning Platform. Top Hat allows instructors to engage students for remote or in-class instruction in synchronous and asynchronous formats. The platform provides the ability for instructors to incorporate OER/Low-cost interactive content, create interactive slides, graded questions, videos, discussions, polls, flexible homework systems, and secure test-taking solutions. Students use their own web-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even traditional cell phones) to participate in active learning activities.

Top Hat also offers instructional design services to prep courses, train, and work one-on-one with instructors to ensure they’re fully ready to use Top Hat for the first day of class and beyond. This web-based engagement tool integrates into Canvas for one-click roster and gradebook synchronization.

Top Hat Textbook

Adopt and customize OER content, affordable interactive textbooks, or create your own with our authoring platform.

  • Professors assign interactive readings and identify misconceptions using interwoven assessments.
  • Students actively read and assess as they go, then come to class prepared.

Top Hat Classroom

Leverage students' devices to increase in-class and remote instruction engagement and get real-time feedback.

  • Professors identify gaps in comprehension and course-correct as they deliver content.
  • Students are actively engaged with the professor, the content, and each other through discussions that increase comprehension and motivate learning.


Top Hat Videos

Top Hat Training

  • Book a 1:1 Top Hat consultation to help you bring active learning into your course or adopt OER/Low-cost textbook content with Emma Brown, Top Hat's Education Technology Consultant. 
  • See our schedule for Top Hat live webinars: Top Hat Webinars
  • See our resources for Top Hat recorded webinars: Top Hat Webinars

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