What can I use Zoom for?

Zoom is a powerful web conferencing tool that integrates directly with a Canvas course. Here are some ways that faculty can utilize Zoom to its greatest capacity:

  • Encourage student collaboration: Students working in groups often have difficulty aligning their schedules, but using Zoom meetings can make it easier for students to work together. Zoom can be used on mobile devices anywhere with a good Internet connection.
  • Remote lecture/office hours: If you are going to be out of the office but still want to have office hours, you can set up a Zoom meeting to allow students to join and ask questions via audio, video or text. If you are going to miss an on-campus lecture but still want to cover important materials, schedule a Zoom meeting instead. Students will be able to attend, ask questions, and optionally see your screen if you share it.
  • Record a session: If you are intersted in recording a lecture ahead of time for students to watch in lieu of a live on-campus lecture, you can easily set up a Zoom meeting and record your audio, video and screen capture.
  • Study sessions: Schedule a one-off study session with your students for an upcoming exam where they can ask review questions and you can provide answers directly and quickly through Zoom.

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