Empower Student Engagement: Going Beyond Canvas with TopHat

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Both in our current online world and in our face-to-face classrooms, providing an engaging (and affordable) student experience is at the top of faculty & student

TopHat brings advanced student engagement options (& fun) to both your online & face-to-face classrooms. Its dedicated instructional designers will help you make the best choices for what you want to do and help you implement them. In addition, it integrates with what you are already doing on Canvas.

During Class time: TopHat is web-based & grounded in mobile technology letting faculty leverage smartphones to create an active (& interactive!) experience for students whether it be in a physical or online classroom. You can

  • Check student comprehension during class,
  • Show students the results of polls, allowing anonymity for a “safe” environment
  • Use the tournament feature to create a buzz during a lull, and
  • Take attendance

Asynchronously: In addition to the features available through Canvas, TopHat provides options to streamline &; enhance the delivery of your content. You can take
advantage of

  • The analytics to track student participation as well as to highlight areas of concern.
  • TopHat’s live streaming & slide display capabilities to make in-class materials available for later reference without extra posting steps
  • Their editing features to streamline & enhance your readings and texts with their multi-media options (also, OER & low-cost texts are available in their Marketplace).
  • Their quiz & question options for practices, student self-assessment & testing.

Join us & our TopHat partners to see TopHat demonstrated, to ask questions, and to
learn how to follow up. See the schedule to choose the best date/time for you.

The workshops will be offered via Zoom: https://sonomastate.zoom.us/my/ssuctet

Just ask the Drop-in facilitator to send you to the TopHat room!