How do I set up a Zoom Meeting inside of Canvas?

Accessing Zoom Inside of Canvas

Note: if you are experimenting with Zoom, please try this first in a Canvas sandbox course, so that you do not accidentally start and share meetings with your students.  If you need a sandbox course, please submit a ticket via the Canvas Course Request form.

Options 2: Schedule meetings in your Canvas Course

Video:  How to set up a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

Step 1: Enable Zoom in Course Navigation
Course Navigation > Settings > Navigation > Enable the tool by dragging it up to the top group. 

Step 2: Schedule a New Meeting in the Zoom dashboard:
Course Navigation Menu > Select Zoom 

Select Schedule a New Meeting

Meeting Details

  • Add Topic, Description, When (first date in a series), and Duration

Set Details: Note - It is very efficient and useful to set up recurring meetings!

Audio and Video options

  • Allow both for Audio, so that students can call in with a phone if necessary

More important Meeting Details:  

  • Allow Enable join before host

  • Mute participants upon entry is a good idea - let people unmute themselves.

  • Options - Record the meeting automatically, In the cloud. If you choose this, you are able to send students links to recordings of the class meetings if they are unable to attend. Usually, however, it is better to manually choose when to record, in the Zoom app so that there is less junk to sift through.

  • Note, it can take a while for the recordings to process in the cloud - check the next day.

  • Alternative hosts: For managing a meeting it is often very useful to deputize a co-host to monitor the chat room and answer questions, while one person is running the meeting.