Development of a Program for Online and Blended Teaching

February 20, 2020
The SSU Center for Teaching & Educational Technology offers an intensive, hands-on semester-long professional development course for online and blended instruction for up to 15 SSU Faculty. Participants will experience the experience of being an online student while simultaneously building a redesigned online or hybrid course to be offered in the upcoming semester. Participants in this program may be eligible to receive a stipend to complete the course. Bi-weekly sessions will cover best practices with online course design and delivery, and dedicated time is available with CTET staff to help during the redesign process.

Online & Blended Teaching Excellence Program (Spring 2020 Cohort) 

Program Goals

  • Spread existing online teaching expertise across campus
  • Support novice online instructors
  • Show examples of quality online pedagogy in existing courses
  • Dispel misconceptions regarding the efficacy of online and blended teaching modes
  • Culminate in the formal review of an online or blended course to be offered at SSU

Course Objectives

  • Faculty will gain familiarity w/ online instructional methods and best practices
  • Faculty will gain familiarity with SSU provided EdTech tools 
  • Faculty will take on the role of the learner as a student in an online course 
  • Faculty will adapt existing courses to the online format 
  • Provide support for faculty to develop skills and resources in online education to be able to complete a CSU QLT external review (in accordance with Online & Blended Teaching Policy)

Program Goals Met Thus Far

  • Integrating teaching expertise from across campus
  • Novice online instructors received support and mentoring
  • Demonstrations modeled successful online course elements and represented positive examples of online and blended teaching
  • 10 enrolled faculty; 9 completed; 6 eligible for coursework stipend; 5 eligible for full QLT self-review stipend
  • Successful QLT review and launch of online & blended courses. Anticipate 6 successfully launched courses

Talk with the program manager Dr. Kristin Denver, to learn more.