CTET Support Programs

Identify, Adapt, & Implement

Choose from our “a la carte” support menu or apply for a funded award (see bottom of this page) that walks you through the process providing stipend and/or student assistant hours.

A la Carte

Intro to Affordable Materials Adoption & Implementation Workshop

  • 1st 30 minutes: an overview of what is meant by “affordable materials” and the support we provide for their identification, adaptation, and implementation.
  • 2nd 30 minutes: time to search for materials with experts there to help, to ask questions about programs or logistics, to work with colleagues, or to set up consultations.

Affordable Learning Working Sessions

  • Come work on your course! These sessions provide dedicated time to work on your course in the community of like-minded colleagues and with experts on hand to help if and when needed.


Need to ask specific questions about Canvas, TopHat, YUJA, Online course design, ALLY or something else? Sign up for a consultation with one of the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology (CTET) experts by

  • Email CTET Front Desk, ctet@sonoma.edu or
  • Call our Front Desk (707-664-2659)

Let us jump-start your search with a list of 4-5 OER sources

Sorting through OER sites can be confusing, so let us help you. Using your “filter list”, our team of OER student assistants will generate a list of links to get you started, saving you time.

  • Fill out the filter list form telling us what you are looking for

Apply for a Funded Award

We have awards for individuals and for department teams. If after completing one of our a la carte workshops, and still needing help, consider applying for a funded award.

  • Individual Faculty: Choose a course to adapt and implement OER or other affordable options for students
    • An Intro to Affordable Materials workshop or consultation
    • 2 learning community activities to be determined once we know the needs of the group.
    • 2 “pay it forward” activities to be worked out by you and the CTET team (e.g., joining a working session to help fellow faculty with lessons from your work)
    • Receive Stipend/Student Assistant (SA) time combo of your choice from the following.
      • $1,500 stipend only
      • $1,000 stipend & 30 SA hours for the semester
      • $500 stipend & 65 SA hours for the semester
      • $300 stipend & 80 SA hours for the semester
      • $0 stipend & 100 SA hours for the semester
  • Department Team
    • If you are a team of faculty working together in your department, we can support you with larger departmental awards to help support your goals.
    • Contact Justin Lipp for a Consultation, lipp@sonoma.edu, 707-664-2636


Email Justin Lipp, (lipp@sonoma.edu) Director of Center for Teaching & Educational Technology (CTET).