Working with Barnes and Noble

Teachers will find a new tile on the SSU Online Services portal that says “Order Textbooks”. This is a link to our new textbook ordering system, extremely user friendly.  Textbook Ordering Update: New Adoption & Insights Portal Now Available

Please order your textbooks early!

If you have further questions please contact Steve Higginbotham, Bookstore Manager.

  • On-time Textbook Adoption
    ➢ The sooner the textbook order is placed, the greater access the University Store has to the USED textbook market, which translates to lower cost learning materials for your students.
  • First Day™ An inclusive access model that provides all students in the course “first day” access to their learning materials in ebook format rolled in the cost of the course, for a set, significantly lower amount than a traditional textbook, that can also be covered by the student’s Financial Aid.
    ➢ For more information, contact Steve Higginbotham for an appointment.
  • LoudCloud™ A Courseware solution that combines selected high-quality OER – such as OpenStax – with an enhanced student learning experience and instructor support.
    ➢  For more information, contact Steve Higginbotham for an appointment.
  • Yuzu™ A digital learning e-book platform for students, with an enhanced reading experience, at a fraction of the cost of a physical textbook.
    ➢ For more information, contact Steve Higginbotham for an appointment.


Email Justin Lipp, ( Director of Center for Teaching & Educational Technology (CTET).