Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT)


As part of the CSU’s efforts to support faculty teaching online, hybrid, or blended courses, or face-to-face courses that include online resources, SSU has received a grant allowing faculty to submit their courses for review and certification through the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) framework.

QLT certification is the natural next step for faculty who have already taken CTET’s Canvas Course Design Foundations (Level 1) and Online Facilitation Fundamentals (Level 2) courses and are looking for the next step. 

Faculty interested in developing and implementing QLT principles and strategies in their own courses - and having their course QLT-certified - can sign up to have their courses evaluated through the grant. Email ctet@sonoma.edu to start the conversation.

Why Pursue QLT Certification?

  • Take your course design to the next level!

    • You’ve already done the work by taking the Level 1 & 2 courses, so why not take it to the next level and get your course certified?

    • The QLT certification process can also prompt you to revisit the alignment and relevance of your LOs, CLOs, & MLOs

  • Your QLT certification represents a recognition from the CSU Chancellor’s office, which can be added to your CV

    • You will also receive a letter of recognition and badge from the CSU Chancellor, which can be used in your RTP file, demonstrating your commitment to quality teaching and learning

    • In addition, the Chancellor will highlight you on the QLT website

  • QLT Certification demonstrates evidence of preparedness of an exemplary, qualified, certified online course. This positions you favorably when decisions are being made about who will teach online sections

  • Certification makes your course more attractive as a candidate for the CSU-Learn online repository of courses that can be taught across the CSU system

    • Your course may be eligible to receive a Course Match (CM) designation, allowing students to take it in lieu of a course at their campus

  • The QLT process provides an amazing opportunity to get feedback in a supportive environment, from neutral observers who are external to our campus

    • Because observers come from different CSU campuses, you get the benefit of: 

      • A different lens from which to view course design and content

      • Varied levels of expertise and experience offering input

      • Feedback from outside your department, school, or university

  • SSU pays for the external review ( = $750)

    • While there is no stipend for the QLT process, the external review will be covered by SSU, meaning it is of no cost to you


The QLT certification process takes about 4-6 weeks on average. See the infographic below for more about the process.