Recommended Zoom Configurations

Recommended Zoom Configurations

Reducing Email Notifications:

Anybody is able to join a Zoom meeting, either with their account (in which it would show their name) or without an account, in which it might just show their device name.


Waiting Room Notifications

If your personal meeting is set up to use a waiting room, and you have notifications turned on for this you may receive many email notifications. 

To reduce email notifications, you may want to edit the waiting room settings or your Zoom notifications, or create separate meetings for specific purposes. 


Turn off the Waiting Room in Zoom Settings

Go to your Zoom profile.  SSU Online Portal > Zoom

  • Select Meetings > Select the Tab Personal Meeting Room > Edit this Meeting


Recommended settings for your personal meeting room.

You may want to deselect the Enable waiting room. When you have a waiting room, you then will have to admit people to the meeting, which causes more interaction with the program - I would just let people in... 



Edit Zoom Notification Settings

Go to SSU Online Portal > Zoom > Settings > Meetings


Under Email Notifications (scroll far down) > Toggle  off “When attendees join meeting before host.”

Also, you may want to turn off the Waiting room setting: