Online Facilitation Fundamentals (Level 2)


The Online Facilitation Fundamentals course focuses on increasing student engagement and facilitating activities in online and hybrid courses. This course will help you develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own digital classroom. You will learn about effective online teaching practices, their relationship to different technologies, and how to combine these to maximize student engagement in your online course. You will also get to progressively design and reflect upon your own online learning experiences as part of a cohort of fellow instructors and experienced facilitators.

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Upcoming Sessions

We plan to run intensive, facilitated 2-week cohorts of this program during the following periods, requiring up to 20 hours worth of work each week. If you would like to participate, please complete the registration form and list all of the cohorts for which you are available. To maximize our capacity, faculty cannot currently select a specific cohort; so the greater your availability, the greater our ability to invite you to participate in the program.
  • May 28-June 13
  • June 14-June 27
  • June 28-July 12
  • July 12-July 25
  • August 2-August 15

Participants who complete all course deliverables are eligible for a Completion Letter.  Faculty who complete this program during Summer 2021 will also be eligible for a $1000 stipend.

Prerequisite: This program builds upon the Canvas Course Design Foundations curriculum. Only faculty who have completed that program (or its equivalent) are eligible. If you have not completed it, we are also planning cohorts of it this summer, with an equivalent stipend. We encourage you to register for that program, instead.

Course Outline

The learning modules in this course include: 

Module 1: Student Learning Objectives

Module 2: Universal Design for Learning

Module 3: Creating Digital Assessments

Module 4: Instructor Presence and Student Success

Register for the Summer 2021 Online Facilitation Fundamentals program now!