How do I set up a Zoom Meeting outside of Canvas?

Accessing Zoom Outside of Canvas 

Visit SSU Online Services > Select Zoom:

Your Zoom Profile

Once you are logged in you will see your My Profile page. Your Zoom profile displays your Personal Meeting ID, email address, profile picture, and more. You can update your user information but some settings can only be changed by an admin. For additional information view Zoom’s Customizing your Profile page.

The Basics- One Minute Videos

Zoom offers multiple methods to schedule a meeting. A host has control over the options for their scheduled meetings. Each meeting has a unique 10 digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting.

Option 1: Keep it simple - Email one meeting

Email students one reusable personal meeting

Step 1: Go to Zoom via  SSU Online Portal

Step 2: Select Meetings > Select Personal Meeting Room:

Step 3: Choose your options:

Step 4: Copy the URL or copy the invitation. 

If you copy the invitation and paste it into an email.  Students will have the option to join the meeting with a standard phone call.  

Join URL:  Copy the invitation



Copy the invitation: