Teaching and Learning

Instructional Consultation & Customized Workshops

To support faculty in improving and enriching their teaching, we are pleased to offer instructional consultation services. Our team of faculty fellows is available to discuss teaching and learning topics with anyone who teaches at Sonoma State and have years of experience in faculty development. Consultations are free, confidential, and non-evaluative. Whether you are new to teaching or have been teaching for decades, consultations provide a supportive space for faculty to learn new ideas, discuss concerns, and reflect on their teaching.

To arrange an appointment or for more information, contact the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology at ctet@sonoma.edu

Popular Consultation Topics

  • Making grading more efficient
  • Classroom management
  • Planning a new course or modifying an existing course
  • Exams/tests: writing good questions
  • Interpreting student evaluations
  • Reflecting on teaching for RTP or lecturer evaluation
  • Teaching diverse students 

Teaching Resources

Peer Observations

Peer observations are an important index of teaching effectiveness. This section includes resources for completing them and suggestions for modifying them during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Equity & Inclusion

This section includes resources to help foster an inclusive learning space in which all students can thrive.