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CTET licenses, manages, and supports technology that meets the instructional needs of our faculty. Please click on any of the below pages to learn more about the tools that we currently license and how to get support for them.

If you have an instructional need that is not covered below and you would like us to explore technological solutions to it, please contact us at We’re happy to discuss its place in our portfolio.


Online Course Webpages

Composition Tools

Assessment Tools

Plagiarism Prevention Tools

Survey Tools

Video Conferencing Tools

Video and Media Tools

Accessibility and Equity Tools

File Storage and Sharing Tools

Other Department-Specific Tools

Software in the following list is not licensed by CTET for the entire campus, but is only available to members of specific departments. If you would like to use one of these software packages but aren’t a member of the licensing department, please contact us at and we can help you understand your options.