Checklist for Suitability of Resource


  • Is it free?
    • If not, will its cost cause course materials > $25/unit?

From Faculty Perspective

  • Is it accurate & up to date?
  • Does it cover the topics at the level you need?
  • Is the topic and subtopic organization and terminology consistent with the way you teach?  And can they be easily assigned in the way you wish?
  • Does it reflect the appropriate cultural perspective (for example, does it use US examples, if that is important)?
  • Is it designed to promote learning?
  • Does it come with supplemental resources?
    • If not, can I find or create supplemental resources that would work with it?

From the Student Perspective

  • Is it easy to navigate to topics and subtopics covered in the course?
  • Is it clear and easy to understand?
  • Can it be easily accessed electronically with a computer, tablet or phone (as appropriate)?
  • Does it come in print or a printable format?
  • If audio or video included, are they of high quality?

Ask the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology to check the following

  • Is it compatible with Canvas?
  • Can it be made accessible through SSU accessibility mechanisms?