Filter List to Facilitate Identification of OERs

The filter list is intended to help you provide us information about the kinds of resources that you might need for your course. These could include textbooks or other materials that you use to teach. To complete this, do the following:

  • Either use this list for your own search or submit it to the Faculty Center ( to receive a shortlist of 4-5 OER texts.
  • If you are looking for Faculty Center help, be sure to include the course name, other common names for your course, and topics that should be covered (these are the first three items on the filter list form).

Sample Filter List:

SSU course:


Other common names for similar courses:


Topics that should be covered in OER:

Type in a list on the next page

or attach your syllabus with topics highlighted

or attach a table of contents of your current text with the topics you need highlighted.

Preferences:  Check your preferences and your list will be prioritized and annotated.



(do you need US social, economic, or regulatory environment or US-based examples?)


PDF available in addition to eBook

(this allows students to access without internet and to print more easily if they wish—60% of 1,000 students surveyed indicate they prefer print and an additional 24% indicate they prefer it for longer readings).

Resources with the text






Online Homework Management system compatible with Canvas

Other-please list below any other resources or filters you would like to add.




Topic List




Email Kirsten Ely, Faculty Fellow for Affordable Learning, with questions.