Educational Technology Updates at the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology

September 4, 2019

Technology Updates

Canvas Roll Call Attendance to be Opt-in Only Fall 2019: If you would like to integrate the Attendance tool in your course, please read the liked guide and submit a request to the Center for Teaching & Educational Technology.

Canvas Analytics 2: Add Analytics by enabling the dashboard in the course navigation settings. Vastly improved interactive graphs of student data help identify students who need nudges and connections. Analytics Beta User Guides

Canvas New Gradebook: Now enabled by default. Improved view filtering, global control over grading visibility, and a new grade detail information tray. New Gradebook Video Introduction

Zoom LTI Pro: Meetings will be automatically added to the course calendar!   

Turnitin Framework: Add Turnitin plagiarism review through assignment settings. The Turnitin LTI, which was accessed as an external tool, has been removed. User Guide: Turnitin Framework in Canvas

YuJa Video Platform: Coming very soon! Lecture capture improved captioning and hosting. YuJa Getting Started and FAQs, YuJa Quick Start Guide Videos.

Center for Teaching & Educational Technology Guidance: Canvas Access and Roles for Students: due to FERPA concerns undergraduates will not have access to gradebooks in Canvas courses. For details about available roles and corresponding permissions, please see the above link. Here is an overview.: 

Student Mentor (enhanced student role)

  • Who is eligible: Undergraduates - no employment affiliation required
  • Who can enroll: Instructors, Canvas Administrators

Student ISA (TA permissions, without access to gradebook

  • Who is eligible: Undergraduates hired as Instructional Student Assistants (ISA)
  • Who can enroll: Canvas Administrators

Graduate TA Grader (TA permissions, including access to gradebook)

  • Who is eligible: Graduate students hired as Teaching Associates (TA) and Graduate Assistants (GA)
  • Who can enroll: Canvas Administrators