From the Margins to the Center: A Working Group for Underrepresented Faculty, Spring 2024


  1. Foster ongoing scholarly community among faculty from underrepresented groups, including faculty of color, LGBTQ+ faculty, women in STEM, faculty with disabilities, and international faculty.
  2. Discuss structures of exclusion and taxation at work in teaching and institutional processes, as well as their differential impact.
  3. Connect and share ideas on how to thrive in the classroom and on campus more broadly.

About this Space

This space builds off of the Spring 2023 Identity-Informed Teaching Group and is intended to be an ongoing, lasting space for critical discussions and collaboration. Past and new participants are welcome to join this year’s group to continue to build a supportive network on campus.


  •  Attend six one-hour sessions led by Dr. Megan Burke- Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Teaching.
    • Meeting day/time will be determined by participant availability (see application for details).
  • The group will be run in HyFlex. Participants can attend in-person or virtually.
  • As a collaborative endeavor, the overall goals, aims and activities will be shaped by participants.
  • Faculty participants will earn a $1,000 stipend for successful completion of the working group.

Coming Together

The activities of this group are primarily those of discussion and reflection. There might be times where participants are invited to “produce” materials, but the group is not to be burdensome. Successful completion of the working group means each participant will: attend the weekly meetings (to ensure parity, approval will be needed for prior commitments that will prevent attendance at all meetings) and collaborate with other participants.

How to Apply

Send a letter of interest to Space is available for 12 participants.

Questions? Contact Dr. Megan Burke, CTET Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Teaching (

Award & Funding

Faculty participants will earn a $1,000 stipend for successful completion of the working group.

Date Information
December 16, 2023
Deadline for Letter of Interest
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