Accessible Content Partnership

Accessible course materials benefit all students, not just students with disabilities. However, for many faculty, the work of remediating their course materials, especially PDFs, is extra work on top of an already overloaded schedule. Luckily, CTET's Accessible Content Partnership (ACP) is here to help!

Through the ACP, CTET helps faculty make their course materials more accessible without overloading their schedule. CTET's team will look through your course materials, identify the content that needs remediation, and work out a plan with you to perform that remediation. CTET staff will do a lot of the more complicated work themselves.

Faculty have been very happy with the outcomes and have said the time commitment is minimal. So what are you waiting for? Come talk to us today!

Partnership learning objectives

By joining the ACP, faculty members will develop the ability to: 

  • Identify the timeline from the beginning of the partnership to the final file handoff
  • Explain who will be involved in remediating identified course content (including CTET staff and the faculty member), as well as how much responsibility each participant will own
  • Instruct other faculty members on where to go if they would like to get involved with the ACP partnership as well
  • Compare and contrast what accessible documents look like vs inaccessible documents
  • Produce course content that more closely meets Universal Design for Learning (UDL) standards and is accessible to a wider range of students
  • Consistently and independently create accessible course content, which meets accessibility and/or UDL standards

CTET Accessible Content Partnership process

But how do we get this great work done? Check out the flowchart below or view this video (jump ahead to timestamp 15:50) explaining how it works!


Flowchart furthering illustrating the above process.

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